New Gel Wall refill – The Great Wall at Free Fire

As Luqueta would say, it is “hat trick after hat trick”. But in this case, it’s recharge after recharge. On Saturday we will already have a skin to replace the backpack of the Kami Heirs, which is the Gel Wall – The Great Wall. So far we only have her confirmation.

Free glue wall Skin

And to get the skin, just recharge at least 500 diamonds. But if you prefer, 1 diamond will be enough to get some Lucky Royale tickets. This reload event arrives by coincidence on the peak day of the Bermuda Plan (9/19)event of La Casa de Papel. He must remain in the game until the day 9/22.

As soon as we have more information about the event after it, which should happen next week, we will bring a post informing you. The number of recharges Garena has been bringing recently has been impressive. So we can already expect a new one, scheduled for next week.

The bad thing is that most of the items that are coming are simple things. When this event was not so frequent, the skins that arrived at it were more interesting, agree? Either way, everyone has their own taste, and based on it, they know whether or not it’s worth spending. What do you think?

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