Moco is probably the next to wake up in Free Fire, find out why 2020

About the character

In January 2019, one of the most sarcastic things about Free Fire happened. While players were demonstrating everywhere for Garena to stop hackers, she was preparing to introduce a hacker character in the update of the time. A lot of audacity, isn’t it?

Known as Moco, the new character managed to gain enormous popularity among people in the community at that time. In fact, even today, his skill is still considered very useful, and used mainly in championships.

Character Sheet
• Name: Moco
• Age: 30
• Birthday: February 13
• Faction: Cybernetics
• Skill: Eye Hacker

His passive ability marks enemies for a period of time, which varies depending on the level. Information is also shared with teammates – Duo / Squad.

Character Awakening

Before theorizing and pointing out the facts that may indicate Moco’s possible awakening, we first have to talk about the characters awakened so far.

About 3 months ago, Horizons of the Future performed an experiment never before seen in the world at Kelly. This awakened new powers in the character, who even gained a new look as a result of the act.

Later, the same happened with his distant cousin, Hayato. A blue flame has transcended within him, making him stronger than ever. Finally he was able to use a little more of himself to help those he loves.

And what does Moco have to do with it?

Awakening Theory – Moco

If we look closely, the only characters that have gained new versions of Awakening are symbols of Free Fire. And Moco is a character that fits this pattern perfectly. Garena herself has been demonstrating this through the latest game trailers.

A lot of the characters have some connection in the stories, and this can have a lot to do with the awakening sequence. We see Kelly Ventania as an example, who is Hayato’s cousin. And guess who appeared in your trailer? The samurai himself, in flesh, bone, and mechanical arm (sorry, I couldn’t miss this opportunity).

Soon after, came the trailer for the 3rd anniversary of Free Fire, where Moco explains the history and secrets of the Bermuda map. She also talks about the factions: Freedom Coalizer, and Horizons of the Future. Although the character is not connected with Hayato in the stories, it is already noticeable that they have some kind of connection from there.


And to finish with a flourish, Moco still appears in the trailer for the awakening of Hayato “Chama Azul”, along with Kelly. In the trailer he prevents a robot from killing Moco, and remembers his mother talking about his cybernetic arm. She also says he should use it to protect those he loves. He remembers this in a moment of weakness, and the image of Moco and Kelly is the only thing he thinks about, before leaving with all his strength to defeat the giant robot.


If this evidence is not enough to strengthen our theory, I don’t know what can do that. But it doesn’t end there. As with any awakening, Moco would also have a new look, and a new skill, right? We also have a hunch for that.

We believe that Moco’s ability can be something involving drones. We can also see this in the trailers, where she appears controlling these robotic mini ships. She could create a drone that could go a few feet away from her, to locate enemies in that area. A small circle with a limit would appear on the mini map, and the players themselves would choose the destination location of the drone, within that limit.

The look of Moco, on the other hand, can be highlighted in purple instead of green. Garena could do like a color inversion. In places that are green, put purple, and in places that are purple, green. Or even replace green and purple with a blue and lilac gradient. Your wonderful braids could get bigger, and your hacker outfit get some more futuristic details.

You may even find it crazy what we’re talking about, but it would be something quite innovative. Most skills in the game do not have a unique feature, such as healing, for example. What did you think of our theory? Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments, describing what you think about it.

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