Make rain! Arrival date in 2020 of the La Casa de Papel emote at Free Fire

In times of drought, make rain! One of the emotes of the partnership Free Fire and La Casa de Papel, won a date to arrive within the game. It will be available from September 21 through the Pan Pot – Bermuda Plan, which can be purchased at the store.

We don’t know yet how long this box will stay, but we believe it will be something around a week (7 days). And it’s not just the emote “Make rain!”Which is part of the items, since, as the box name says, the Panela – Plano Bermuda skin is also in it. Oh, and we must not forget the Surfboard – Surfing for Money, It’s from Token – Bermuda Plan.

Bermuda Plan
Bermuda Plan

Certain quantities of this token can be used to exchange for the same items that are in the box, so if you are not someone lucky, you can already guarantee what you want otherwise. And currently, it is already possible to get these tokens through the Gel Wall box – Plano Bermuda. This other box will remain until 9/20.

It may be that this emote comes in some other event, like recharge, for example. It is not necessarily exclusive to the box, so it can come anywhere other than the box. However, we don’t know about it yet.

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