Jai in Brazil! Find out when, and how the new character arrives on the Brazilian server 2020

About the character of Jai

“A secret operation to combat the forces of evil is being organized by SWAT on Bermuda Island. Um, let me see … The leader looks like a very well-trained agent, and he knows what he’s doing. Rumors say his name is Jai, and that he is ready to mobilize and fight Free Fire soldiers. ”

Now it is confirmed when, and where the new character will arrive here on the Brazilian server. After the departure of the “Plano Bermuda Shinobi” package from Choose Royale (9/17), it’s time for Jai, and your luxury package arrives at the roulette. This will be very different from what happened in India, where the character won his own event, for having his look inspired by an actor native to the country (Hrithik Roshan).

FreeFire OB24: New balancing will be applied to Free Fire weapons and accessories Full Details

Abiliity: Furious Reload
Type: Passive
Description: When taking out an enemy, the weapon’s cartridge automatically Jai recharges 10% of its capacity (only rifles, pistols and SMGs). This is at level 1, but the percentage increases each time the player jai raises the skill level.

Jai Character

Choose Royale

1. Rotate using diamonds. Items will not come more than once. Each subsequent spin will cost more diamonds. Current price only spin: 9, 29, 59, 99, 199, 399, 399, 799. Perform all turns: 1992;

2. Before spinning, the player can remove 2 unwanted prizes (except the grand prize), increasing the chances of receiving the grand prize;

3. When the cumulative spins reach the target, the player can collect the prize. The jackpot will not be reset during the current Choice Royale season.

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