Great feature is coming in the new update of Google Chrome || Google Chorme Update 2020

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The world’s most popular internet browser ‘Google Chrome’ is coming in a timely manner to provide more advanced services with several new features. Very soon it is associated with special features like tab grouping, URL sharing via QR code, and loading tabs in less time.

Google says that with the addition of new features, the Chrome tab will open at least 10 percent faster. As a result, profile-guided optimization will load a page in 10 percent less time than before, and the speed of the browser will be further reduced by reducing the impact of tabs running in the background due to tab throttling.

The new Chrome will also feature any page URL sharing using QR codes. Users can print, scan or download these codes later. New features are coming for those who use tablet mode on laptops. In the new touchscreen interface, larger tabs can be seen in Chrome to facilitate them to move from one tab to another.

Users will also be able to fill out PDF forms from the Chrome browser in a few days, and if someone suddenly leaves while working, they will be able to work again from the previous place.

Google Chrome has made URL sharing much easier for Android users. Now direct links from Chrome can be shared on any device through other apps.

Earlier, on Tuesday (August 25), Alex Einstein, director of Chrome, said in a blog post that the new update to the Google Chrome browser will be 10 percent faster for those who work with multiple tabs.

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