Fact 4: Pink Panther back at Big Boss Hour

Look at her there, on the prowl. Waiting calmly and intelligently for the proper second to assault. Its fur is totally lined in an enchanting coloration, I’d say. Such an animal is … extraordinarily uncommon! But, wait. I feel I confused issues. The pleasure was so nice that I ended up describing the improper panther. In reality, we had been trying to speak concerning the male pores and skin “pink Panther“, Which is inside Free Fire.

Friday, September 18th, is the day that the occasion Big Time will probably be back. And guess who’s on it? That’s proper! The principal merchandise of the occasion is the pores and skin we talked about. It can also be that the Project – Kami’s Heirs is current.

FreeFire PATCH NOTE: BOOYAH DAY on 23 sep

The Pink Panther is without doubt one of the 4 skins within the Fact 4musical group that partnered with Garena. The title of the pores and skin almost certainly comes from the fur coat underneath your shoulder.

Big Time

Event Rules:

1. Shoot the boss!
2. You have three choices to assault: Socão, MP40 and AWM – Choose your transfer to take down the Big Boss;
3. You can assault with AWM as much as 3 occasions;
4. Whenever you assault, you’ll obtain a reward;
5. When the Godfather’s HP reaches 0 (zero), you’ll obtain the Pink Panther pores and skin.
6. On some events, it’s doable for a important assault to occur, taking the boss down immediately.
7. To strike with the punch 10 diamonds are required. With the MP40, 50 diamonds. Finally, with AWM, 100 diamonds.

Event Duration: 18 – ** / 09/2020

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