7 ways to cure hand sweating disease. Hyperhidrosis. 6 Ways To Cure Hand Sweating Disease

Most people have a problem with e-gold.

That is – the palms of the hands get sweaty – which some call hand sweating disease – in medical science the problem is called ‘hyperhidrosis’ . And because of this hand sweating or hyperhidrosis problem, most of the candidates are dropped from the job of defense in primary medical after-

Sweating or hyperhidrosis can have several causes such as –

Anxiety, family disturbances, excessively salty or spicy foods,
hormonal problems, or
wearing woolen or poly-star socks for long periods of time can also cause your hands or feet to sweat.

There are problems as well as some solutions  . Find out the solutions through our posts
and apply them in your life.

 [There are 6 ways to solve this in medical science – and at the end there will be a tip for free]


-Perspirant: Some anti-perspirant creams are available at pharmacies or Cosme-Tick stores – to contain low-dose aluminum.
Even using these anti-perspirants can provide temporary relief from this type of problem.
So you can try using.

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Prescription Medicine:

If you have problems with hyperhidrosis, contact your MBBS – Register Doctor.

Then take all the medicines as prescribed by the doctor. This may solve your problem.



Wash your hands frequently in
water : Wash your hands for a while under the water tap and the sweat glands will be closed for a while.
This way you can temporarily stop shaking hands for a while. This method is called iontophoresis.
This can now be done with a machine –


Number –
4B Tox:
This method is to stop the secretion of sweat by feeding this type of toxin on the wound.
Contact the registered doctor for details.


Number – 5
Radio Frequency Micro Needles:

It is also possible to treat through this method. At present this method is also being used in Bangladesh.
And contact the registered doctor for details.


Number – 6

  1. It’s actually a last resort. If either way does not work then surgery is done.
    The nerve stimulation that causes sweating is eliminated through surgery.

Here’s a natural tip – try it out –

You can take a pinch of soda and wash it very slowly with a little water for 1-2 minutes.
You can watch it for 3-4 days continuously for 2 days.

In conclusion –

Hyperhidrosis is not a serious disease, it may be a symptom of a disease! So if this problem occurs, contact a doctor and seek treatment.

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