Codiguin: GB says Free Fire skin codes can end

A long time ago, the Gabriel Espinosa had the idea to create more skin codes, to help players who are not able to reload diamonds on Free Fire. Since then, they have been distributed among people in the community, by the official influencers of Garena.

However, according to GB itself, this form of redemption may be coming to an end. This was explained through a video, published on his channel YouTube, where he answers some doubts about codiguinhos.

He explains in this video that because of rescuers, Garena may end up giving up on producing the codes. And who are these rescuers? They are people who can retrieve various codes very easily, using some techniques, whether through a computer or other devices.

In addition, the former Free Fire influencer coordinator, still tells how the codes are generated. This is done within a program developed by the Garena team. They simply write a pattern for the start of the codes, and a computer generates the rest at random based on the game’s skin programming.

It also states that it is impossible for two people to try to rescue them at the same time, and that only one of them will receive a certain skin. So, think twice before trying to duplicate, because it won’t work.

What did you think of all this? It is important for us to know your opinion, so leave a comment. Will this practice ever end? Stay tuned on NEWSPUR to stay informed about the case.


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