5 important things that should come with the FreeFire OB24 update

Date of FreeFire OB24 Update

Scheduled in 23.09.2020, the next Free Fire update will bring several new features to the game. Many of these new features have already been presented in the latest version of Advanced Server, which even ended its activities today, at 04:00 in the morning.

And while the official note is not released, let’s talk about 5 important and probable things that will arrive at FreeFire OB24. Probable because not everything that comes for testing on the Advanced Server arrives in the next version of the game, and important because they are things that everyone needs to know. Settle in, because there we go.

1 – New Interface: Weapons

Removed from the “Collection“The weapons and their skins will receive an exclusive compartment between the buttons in the lobby. At this new address, all weapons will be divided into categories, and can be viewed in their original form (360 degrees), with or without skin. This was something that could not be done before.

FreeFire ob24
FreeFire ob24
M4a1 FreeFire ob24

2 – Elite Pass Gallery

It looks like we will finally have the Elite Pass Gallery within the main game on FreeFire OB24. Although its arrival is still uncertain, the function has already spent enough time in testing, and should arrive in the new update.

First ElitePass in FreeFire ob24
FreeFire ob24

A dedicated button that appears inside the Fire Pass tab can be used to access the gallery. By clicking, you can see all the Elite Passes you have in your account, and the number of badges collected on each one.

ElitePass FreeFire ob24

3 – Bermuda Remastered

At that time of the championship, everyone already knows about the new regions that were added in Bermuda, in a second version of the map that was made available in the last update, through the Contra Squad mode, right? However, things will start to heat up here.

Bermuda Remastered
Bermuda Remastered

We will have a complete overhaul, far beyond the four cities that replaced Graveyard, Sentosa, Riverside and Rim Nam Village. Pine trees in large quantities they were added in much of Bermuda, giving the impression of a dense forest. In addition, the map won new structures, and almost all buildings had their replaced textures by others more realistic, and more worked.

Bermuda Remastered
Bermuda Remastered

And the regions we know have also seen minor changes in their terrain. We basically got a new map, with some old features. If you think about it, this is something very smart on the part of Garena, since a completely new map would make the game much heavier. We only have to know if it will replace Bermuda or not. This has not been confirmed to us yet.

4 – New Weapons in Contra Squad

When a new weapon is added, it is expected to arrive in Contra Squad mode, because this is one of the ways Garena uses to collect the feedback of the players. And this is exactly what will happen with the Brazilian rifle ParaFAL. He, the M249, and M4A1 arrive in mode from the next update, if nothing changes. Other weapons must come out.

5 – Theme: Halloween

Halloween, or Halloween, is a festive date that takes place every year on October 31, in various countries around the world. At the time, people practice “trick or treat“, And also usually decorate their homes using ghosts or pumpkins with malevolent expressions, among other things, like a good costume party.

Because it is a very characteristic event, most games adopt it to create thematic skins, decorations, challenges, and everything that can be explored. Not different in Free Fire, since we will have the third consecutive year of Halloween within the game. You can expect all of this, and more.

However, for the first time, everything indicates that this will not be the main theme of the FreeFire OB24 update. It seems that Garena wants to focus now on her big event “BOOYAH! ”, And the new world“Free Fire Continental Series“- debut soon. On the one hand, we will still have a new background music, having the genre of rock. Halloween reference?


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